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Discover new movies and TV shows instantly with SynopsiTV's personalized recommendations, based only on your unique and evolving style.

The Point

Have specific movie taste? A fondness for obscurity? Perhaps you need to find a decent romantic movie to watch with your lover. How do you know which movie will hit the spot? We tire of watching just whatever our friends are watching. Sometimes good friends have bad taste.

With SynopsiTV, be the first to find great new movies. Our unique system generates personalized movie and TV show recommendations for you based on what you watch and how you rate it. Our job is to figure out your fancy, your job is to indulge.

In addition, search within genres to find a movie to satisfy your appetite when you have a craving. Preview trailers, create playlists, discover your movie compatibility with others, and share your viewing experience with your networks.

Welcome to SynopsiTV. Let us be your cup of tea.

The Generation

With the countless choices available to us online these days, we found it frustrating to find exactly what we wanted to watch, exactly when we wanted to watch it. As addicted movie (and technology) lovers (some might call us connoisseurs), we wanted a scrupulous system to help us find the perfect movie, every time.

Unfortunately, existing recommendation services concentrate on one of three things:

  • General Ratings - These do not consider your personal taste. Movies with critical acclaim do not guarantee satisfaction.
  • Social Networks - Socialization has become the mantra of every modern application. Just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean you have the same taste.
  • One-off Ratings - While at least this system lets you express your opinion, we know that our tastes change with time and experience.

So, we generated SynopsiTV. SynopsiTV moves beyond the traditional and focuses only on connecting YOU to YOUR ideal movies. With the possibility to repeatedly rank movies that you watch (“that was the best movie I have ever seen, it was amazing!” followed the next week by “no, THAT was the best movie I have ever seen, it was amazing!”), we track your input, preferences and style and immediately develop suggestions based on your personal disposition.

Our internal social network and connections to Facebook and Twitter allow you to share your discovery with your friends, and follow their path of media exploration as well.

Welcome to SynopsiTV. Viewership of the future.


SynopsiTV is supported by several Angel investors. If you're interested in more details, follow us on

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In case of any questions you can contact us at or 1 (615) SYN-OPSI [+1-615-796-6774]


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